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The Club was formed during 2003. It was initiated by the Fletcher Trust with a meeting held at Ngahere House, Rotorua on 12 March 2002 to discuss the formation of a Fletcher Club at Rotorua.

This meeting was attended by 12 ex employees and it was recommended:

  • that Rotorua and Taupo be combined as one Club.
  • that a Luncheon be held in August 2003 to give the opportunity to all interested employees, spouses and partners to discuss and decide on the formation of a Club.
  • Ken Civil with the help of Jim Anderson and Ron Stone (Fletcher Trust) was asked to arrange for a luncheon at an appropriate location and to invite ex employees to attend.

The luncheon was held in the Rotorua East Bowling Club Pavilion on Monday 12 August 2002. The attendance was outstanding with 129 attending with 39 apologies. The vote for the formation of the Club was unanimous and it was decided the term "retirees" be changed to "ex-employees" with spouses or partners invited to join.

The committee selected was: Ken Civil, Henry Anaru, Betty Herewini, Noelene Gregory, Alaister Brown, Jim Henderson, Len Gee and Dave Worters.

At a Committee Meeting held 14 November 2003 the following officers were elected:

Chairman: Ken Civil
Deputy Chairman: Henry Anaru
Secretary: Betty Herewini
Treasurer: Noelene Gregory

The inaugural Annual Luncheon of the Club was held at Rotorua on Monday 14th July 2003. The attendance totalled 76 members including spouses and partners.

At the A.G.M.
Sir James was installed as Patron.
The founding members totalled 65 plus 35 Spouses or Partners.
The membership approved an Ex Employee Membership Fee of $10, with Spouses or Partners free.
The Constitution & Rules for the Club were discussed and approved.
The proposal that an Annual Luncheon be held around July/August was approved. Other activities were to be left to a later time.
At the lunch meeting on 15 November 2013 a general meeting was held. The resignation of Brian Thomson as Chairman was accepted and J E A (Jim) Lawry was appointed Chairman.


Club confirmed that is will continue with annual luncheon in Rotorua.

Chairman Jim Lawry Phone: (07) 5624333 Email:
Vice Chairman Alastair Brown Ph (07) 348 2907
Secretary Mollie Campbell (07) 348 3907 Email:
Treasurer Noeline Gregory Ph: (07) 348 2440
Henry Anaru
Derek Packham
Betty Herewini

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